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DC Builders
DC Builders
Boring, Oregon
Residential, Agriculture, Commercial, Specialty Lumber
Hansen Buildings
Hansen Buildings
Browns Valley, Minnesota
Yes, specialize in them
Residential, Commercial, Agriculture
Strouds Building Supply
Morganton, NC
Pole Barns, Agriculture, Roof Only Kits, Trusses, Carports



Pole Barn Kits in New Hampshire

Pole barns are a signature trait on any farm; everyone pictures the red barn with the rustyold tractor out front with a horse grazing in the pasture behind it. This may sound a bit far from reality but with the manufacturing of pole barn kits this can happen in less time than you may think. Some companies provide very in-depth and detailed plans to help anyone regardless of skill level. Since you are in control of the build, you have the ability to tackle whichever task you feel comfortable doing and hiring out the ones you don’t. Some choose to hire out someone to pour the concrete slab, then complete the barn build themselves. Others pay someone to build the whole pole barn but decide that they want to put the exterior walls on.

The Beauty of the pole barn kit is that you have the ability to build a massive structure on your property that is for the purpose of “agriculture” but can be turned into many other things. Pole barn kits can be built for storing equipment at floor level while building nice living quarters within the trusses. I have seen some decked out living quarters that were made into insane man caves and a man cave cannot be located in a better place than above all your toys. The great thing about the design of a pole barn kit is that once the outside structure is made, the internal framing can be designed with unlimited possibilities. Having a structure on my property that can allow me to have horse stalls, equipment storage, a man cave, gym, small mechanic shop, and a place to sleep, all under the same roof is amazing and I cannot think of a better project to get started on.

I hope your imagination goes as crazy as mine when I think about all the possibilities that are available when you own a pole barn. This website was created to help provide a resource to the pole barn kit purchaser, owner, or builder that can use ideas, insight, and motivation to tackle their build.



How much do New Hampshire pole barn kits cost?

Flickr: 401(K) 2013

Flickr: 401(K) 2013

Pole barn kits can get complicated when you start talking about the finished cost. Things to consider in the budget of a pole barn kit project should include things like the foundation. The foundation is a cost that is usually made outside of the pole barn kit purchase. Permits can also run a small fee that is often overlooked. All states vary on what type of requirements and fees are associated when trying to get a permit. If you call your local building department, they will provide you with application fees and requirements. The cost of lumber also plays a huge role in the overall price of a pole barn kit but you can get an exact quote that will be valid for a set period of time. In addition, there are many variations to different pole barns based on a particular persons need. Some people prefer windows, while other don’t. Small additions and preferences will all factor into your final price. These are just a few things that can sneak up on you when you start to budget for your pole barn. I can show you a few examples on prices to give you an idea of what you will be looking at depending on the size of structure you want. Read more…




Pole Barn Kits and the New Hampshire Building Department?

Calling the building department will be an essential step in purchasing a pole barn kit. The company making your kit will need to know specific details on the roof load requirements, the type of building code they use, and many other questions that will help the company customize your order to meet the requirements. Some counties may not require a building permit at all and the only way to know is by contacting your building department. I have listed a few questions you can think about before getting them on the line. Read more…




What to know before you call the pole barn kit company in New Hampshire

When you call for a quote regarding your pole barn kit, there are some things that you need to know. Knowing what you are talking about will help get you the exact pole barn you want and make it much easier to communicate your wants and needs to the company. They can help you determine what type of pole barn kit will fall within your budget while meeting your overall goals. Having an idea of what type of questions that will be asked before you start making your phone calls will help make your purchase smooth and efficient.  Read more…




10 tips to save time and money on your New Hampshire pole barn kit

Flickr: AJ Cann

Flickr: AJ Cann

  1. Establish a budget – Have a budget made before you start calling for quotes. This will give the manufacturer an idea of what type of pole barn kit that will be best suitable within your price range.
  2. Call your building department – Talk with your local building department before doing anything else, this will give you have an idea of any requirements that may hinder your building plan.
  3. Decide on tasks – Decide on which tasks you feel comfortable tackling and which ones you want to hire out. Read more…



These are some articles that can help you with your pole barn kit journey. Feel free to take a look at the rest of my Articles and check back frequently as I continue to publish more information.

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