Start Here

Welcome to American Pole Barn Kits! This site was created to help ease the pain of finding a pole barn kit. Starting here will help guide you through a decision process that will help identify what type of kit to purchase, as well as the company to purchase it from. The goal is to provide one place with all the information you need to move closer to a new barn on your property. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations please use the Contact form.

If you want to bounce around, take a look at the Forum and see if there is anyone who can help you along the journey.

Step 1: Barn Styles

Choose a style that best suits your needs and desired look. Styles range from equestrian to commercial churches and can be customized in which ever way you would like. Decide on the essentials and determine what extras you can afford from there.

Step 2: Building Methods

After finding what type of barn you want build, the next decision lies in the building method. Who is going to build your pole barn kit? Are you handy enough to take on the task? Many variables come in to play here and need real consideration before hiring or taking on the build yourself.

Step 3: Find a Company

Now that you have a solid idea on what style to purchase and how you want it built, it’s time to find a company who can provide a high quality pole barn kit that meets all the specifications desired. This is where quotes come into the picture and we start to see what extras can be added or taken away to meet budget.

Step 4: Build It!

The best part of all is building the kit wether it’s being built by you or a contractor, seeing the progress over the next few days will be exciting. Step 4 has pictures of the the building process and completed kits to help motivate and add to the excitement of your future pole barn.