How Much Do Pole Barn Kits Cost?


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Pole barn kits can get complicated when you start talking about the finished cost. Things to consider in the budget of a pole barn kit project should include things like the foundation. The foundation is a cost that is usually made outside of the pole barn kit purchase. Permits can also run a small fee that is often overlooked. All states vary on what type of requirements and fees are associated when trying to get a permit. If you call your local building department, they will provide you with application fees and requirements. The cost of lumber also plays a huge role in the overall price of a pole barn kit but you can get an exact quote from the manufacturer that will be valid for a set period of time. In addition, there are many variations to different pole barns based on a particular persons needs. Some people prefer windows, while other don’t. Small additions and preferences will all factor into your final price. These are just a few things that can sneak up on you when you start to budget for your pole barn. I can show you a few examples of prices to give you an idea of what you will be looking at depending on the structure size you want.


Building the foundation for your pole barn kit is not always necessary. The pole barn can be built without a foundation already in place. The option to pour a concrete foundation after the structure is already in place is an added bonus to choosing to build this type of barn. It’s always a good idea to talk with the manufacturer about holding off on a foundation before you start building. Some design plans may require the foundation, although most do not. When planning the cost of the foundation, you can measure out the square footage needed and get in contact with a contractor that can provide service to see what they usually charge. Home Wyse provides a useful resource that gives an estimate on what it will cost to pour a slab for your pole barn and breaks it down into cost per square foot.


The cost of building permits varies depending on location but most use the same general pricing guidelines depending on the valuation of the proposed structure. If the structure is estimated to cost at least $1k, your fee will consist of $20.00 and for every additional $1k there will be an added $6.00 not to exceed $50k. For example, the kit you want to build will cost $10k, then you will pay the $20.00 for the first $1k and then an additional $6.00 each $1k ($6.00 x 9=$74.00). The combined cost of the permit will be $94.00 ($20.00+$74.00=$94.00). This gives you an idea of what to expect but please call your building department for an exact price.


Complete prices are easier to come by when you are looking into simple pole barn kits. The more customization that goes into a kit, the harder it is to establish a set price without calling for a quote. I have researched pole barn kit prices and have established a general guideline for average pole barn kit prices.




24’ x 24’ x 8’  –  24’ x 40’ x 10’ $3,200  –  $5,900
30’ x 36’ x 8’  –  30’ x 64’ x 12’ $4,800  –  $10,000
36’ x 36 x 10’  –  36’ x 64’ x 12’ $7,000  –  $12,100
40’ x 40’ x 12’  –  40’ x 84’ x 16’ $8,100  –  $16,200
60’ x 96’ x 16’  –  60’ x 120’ x 16’ $25,800  –  $31,500


These prices will give you an idea of what the cost will run depending on the size of the pole barn kit. Pole barn kits are a fraction of the cost of what a conventional wood framed structure would cost. The pole barn kit company links I have provided on will point you in the right direction for direct quotes and a more detailed list of prices.


  1. Mike Alderman says

    I am looking to purchase a 30×40 with 2 roll up doors as well a single walk thru door\. I need the building to have a 12 foot interior ceiling height. Thanks for all of your help. I am somewhat easy to work with on the size if you have a good deal available. Thanks once again

    • Dennis says

      I do not provide pole barn kits but focus more on providing information that will assist you in the purchase and build of your pole barn. There are many companies that can work with you in your area. I have them listed at the bottom of each page under your specific state. Just click here and then choose your state.

  2. Looking to have built a 36 X 48 pole barn with 14′ roll up door and a 10′ roll up door. Purpose is to house rv, boat and shop area. Very flexible but conservative. Do prefer to insulate area. Idea on price would be very informative. Thanks

    • Dennis says

      I do not build pole barns but provide companies that are available in your area. This site was made to help find a good company to build your dream barn. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.