Pole Barn Truss Kits

Pole Barn Trusses

Pole Barn Trusses


Pole barn trusses can be one of the more difficult steps in building a pole barn kit. Having pre-made steel trusses will make a huge difference in the time it takes to build. These are custom, hand crafted American made trusses that are built in a way that enables them to be transported to your location and re-assembled on site with a few bolts.

I added a few videos below to give you an idea on how great the trusses are built. These type of trusses are hard to come by and I encourage you to consider them as an option to your build. Contact Mike Stroud at 828-413-4201 or email mikestroud@live.com. He can give you a quick estimate and answer any questions you have in just a couple minutes. I highly recommend seeing if they can help you out.




All Steel Trusses come with overhang, unless specified

Prices are $11.00 a Linear Foot up to 34′ Span

$12.50 Linear Foot 36′ – 40′ Span

$18.95 Linear Foot 42′ – 60′ Span

$22.25 Linear Foot 62′ – 80′ Span 

$23.50 Linear Foot 82′ – 100′ Span

ALL SHED/LEAN TRUSSES $11.00 Linear Foot

$20.00 for Gable Plates for Closure on Ends 


Pole Barn Kits

They also offer kits that include the truss system

Kits include all 6 x 6 posts, Steel Trusses, 2 x 6 Roof Joists, Barn Roofing Metal (any color), Ridge Cap, and Screws.  This will give you a complete kit.  Options are Plywood and Shingles, Gables closed in, Siding.  The list goes on to whatever you like to do.  We customize anything.  The kit will give you everything you need for a quality American Steel Truss, Burke Barn structure. 

24 x 30 Kit $3500.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

30 x 30 Kit $4300.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

30 x 40 Kit $5700.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

Standard Carport Kit Sizes

18 X 21 Kit $1795.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

21 X 24 Kit $2395.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

14 X 24 Kit $1595.00 Total (No Hidden Fees)

These Kits include everthing you need to install.  Taxes are included in price.  Pick up at the above price or call for Delivery Charge.  Metal Roofing color is your choice, special colors cost more, call us for any specifics, we customize anything.  Thanks for Choosing Burke Barns.

Please Call Feel Free To Call  Us

828-413-4201 Mike Stroud