Calling The Pole Barn Kit Company

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When you call for a quote regarding your pole barn kit, there are some things that you need to know. Knowing what you are talking about will help get you the exact pole barn you want and make it much easier to communicate your wants and needs to the company. They can help you determine what type of pole barn kit will fall within your budget while meeting your overall goals. Having an idea of what type of questions that will be asked before you start making your phone calls will help make your purchase smooth and efficient.

I have mentioned this before, but deciding on having the foundation poured before or after the build is important. It is also proactive to decide if you will pour the foundation yourself or have a contractor perform the task for you. The foundation is usually not included with the pole barn kit purchase. Some barns will have a dirt floor because they use it strictly for equipment storage that does not require a floor, and is used mainly for shelter from the elements. If you want to get some of the concrete started, footers can be poured to set the poles more securely and will also provide an outside perimeter that will make the main slab pour a bit easier. The footer can be made to a height that will be a few inches above the future slab so when the time comes to finish the foundation you already have the footer in place saving time on making forms. Many decide to hire out this task and help as much as possible when the crews arrive; it still gives the sense of building the barn yourself.

Look into the building permit requirements and ensure that your chosen company will be able to provide a kit that will meet the building code. Having an idea on what the building requirements are for your area will help the pole barn kit company establish an idea on what type of kit will be beneficial for your needs and provide you with a general quote. Some companies will ask for you location and talk with the building department to make sure they provide you with a kit that meets all requirements. Load bearing requirements will dictate how some kits will be designed and the kind of materials to be used. They make really convenient metal trusses that work well with a basic kit and usually meet the load bearing requirements in areas that accumulate mass amounts of snow. The metal trusses also have metal clips that hold the purlins in place.

Knowing your budget is one of the most important things you need to do before calling anyone. The first step is to establish what your needs are. What type of pole barn kit do you need? Are you going to have this pole barn climate controlled? Are you looking for an extravagant exterior that matches your house with huge barn doors? Do you want a metal roof, and if so, will you have insulation added? Little questions like these can go on forever but the best way to tackle this task is to get it on paper. Write down your ideal size that will accommodate your needs. Then, starting with the most important at the top, list the things that you need your pole barn kit to include.

When you are all said and done with your list, write in big fat bold letters the final price of what you want to spend on that pole barn kit. Have this list sitting in front of you when your are talking with your potential pole barn kit supplier and write down their initials next to each item they can provide you on your list while staying within your budget. After a few phone calls you will have a pretty decent idea on who will provide you with the most bang for your buck. Before you start calling there is one more thing that you can do to help save you some time and money.

This may seem a little mundane, but whip out that paper again and write down all the questions you have to ask this company before you get on the phone and forget some of your most important questions. Here are a few examples:


-Do you provide delivery to my site? Is this included in the price?

-How long does delivery take?

-How long have you been doing business selling pole barn kits?

-Do you have contractors that specialize in your kits?

-How detailed are your plans for constructing the kit?

-Do you guarantee any of your products or work?


My list would most likely run the length of the page but I want to know for sure what kind of business I will be working with. Getting this far in the phone call will only benefit you if the company you’re talking to is a very likely candidate. Save your time by making sure they offer some of the things your require in a kit before giving them a lightning round of questions. Hopefully this article gives you some thoughts on what to bring up when you are talking about this exciting purchase. Pick up the phone and Good Luck!


  1. kelly alley says:

    I would like information mailed to me please! Thank you we r looking to build a pole barn to accomidate horses and living area for us as well

    • Dennis says:

      I sent you a personal email to respond to your question.

      Thank You.