Pole Barn Kits and the Building Department


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Calling the building department will be an essential step in purchasing pole barn kits. The company making your kit will need to know specific details on the roof load requirements, the type of building code requirements they use, and many other questions that will help the company customize your order to meet the requirements. Some counties may not require a building permit at all and the only way to know is by contacting your building department. I have listed a few questions you can think about before getting them on the line.

What are the roof load requirements for your area? The load requirements will determine how much weight/snow your roof needs to be able to hold.

How deep is the frost line in your area? This is the point where the ground stops freezing. The line will give a depth to dig past for your pole placement.

How far away does your barn need to be from any other structures?

What are the wind exposure requirements? There are B, C, and D wind exposures. This will be pertinent information for the manufacturer of your trusses to know.

What types of plans are needed to obtain a building permit?

These are a few questions that will get you started with the building department. Once you are discussing the requirements that need to be met for building pole barn kits, your building department should provide you with any additional requirements to obtain your permit.

When you contact the company that will be providing your pole barn kit, ask them what they need to start the building process. Many companies will need specific information like the questions I listed above to ensure the structure meets the applicable building requirements. Some will give you a checklist that will give you something to work off of, while others will just take the reins and make all the phone calls. Contacting the building department about permit prices will provide you a chance to ask them about their specific processes with pole barns.

Use these questions to get you started and please feel free to comment on this article and add any thoughts you may have or any input you think will be useful for future readers.

If you would like to take it a step further, take a look at the following articles from Hansen Pole Barn Kits. Mike does a great job breaking down each piece of information required in a checklist format.

Part I of the building department checklist


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  1. I need an out building/storage. I am in Prescott, WI 54021. I have plenty room, would like a concrete floor and could maybe 40×50 larger or smaller. Could you let me know ball park what I would be looking at spending. I am in the research stage.

    • Dennis says:

      It is very difficult to give you an exact price on what your kit will cost but looking at Hansen Pole Barn Kits for instance they offer a kit that starts at $10k and this is absolutely bare bones with no additional features. It is just a starting point as to what the materials will cost. Your concrete will be additional and a good resource to price this is located at Home Wyse. Once you have a general idea on what you want, you can contact some businesses that I have listed in the Business Directory. I hope this helps give you an idea on what you can expect.