Building Methods

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Step 2: Decide on a Building Method

Deciding on how to build your pole barn depends on multiple factors like budget, skill, and time. Here are the methods available and some pros and cons that go along with them. Combining a couple methods to meet your needs is always an option, so keep that in mind as you look through the list.

Company Built Kits

Company Built Pole Barn

Company Built Pole Barn


If building a pole barn on your own seems like an endeavor that is not worth the headache, than opting for the pole barn kit company to build it for you is a valid option. Many of the companies listed on this site will sell you a pole barn kit and have a team of professionals build the structure for you. Some companies give you the option of only building certain stages of the barn, say you can totally handle the layout of the poles and exterior but just needed someone to install the trusses and roof. Plenty of options are available.

Having a company build a kit is a great option especially if you have a larger pole barn being installed. Having a crew of guys who have built many of these kits before will bring with them some experience worth their weight in gold. When you get on the phone with a company I can guarantee they would be more than happy to quote you on having someone build/help build your pole barn kit to see if it fits within your budget.


  • No extra stress for the customer
  • Faster installation
  • Most work is guaranteed
  • Minimal set-backs
  • Good quality work


  • Additional Cost




DIY Pole Barn Kits


DIY Pole Barn

DIY Pole Barn

DIY pole barn kits are available where most kits are sold. They come with detailed plans and instructions that help in the building process. The package will consist of a lumber package and all needed materials for the structure. A great example of a material list is located at DIY Kits Materials.

The amount of experience and tools needed to accomplish this type of build will depend on the size of the structure. The larger the kit, the more equipment and man power may be needed. Contacting the Pole Barn Kit Companies will help give you a really good idea on what to expect when building your kit.


  • The need for multiple trips to the local lumber yard is eliminated
  • You can focus on building not planning the lumber package needed
  • Code compliant design
  • Support from the company with any questions
  • Exterior and trim provided and ready for installation
  • Saving on installation by contractors
  • Package delivered to the site
  • Pride and confidence with building yourself
  • No guess work with meeting code standards


  • Paying a little extra for pre-made kit compared to building from scratch
  • Putting trust in the company that your kit has everything you need

There are not many disadvantages to having a kit delivered to the house because many companies can back up any uncertainty with a guarantee that all materials will be available. If I don’t have to make multiple trips to the lumber yard, he extra money paid for a pre-made kit seems well worth the money.



Building from Scratch

Much like the DIY kit method, building from scratch is a money saver. There is a bit more work involved but for someone who is familiar with a hammer and nail, there is enough resources out there to build your pole barn without a kit. Most barns built from scratch are not the gigantic horse arena type of barn, but the smaller type barn that will store equipment and maybe even a loft up top to house the mother-in-law.

If you are looking for a roof only pole barn kit or something that does not require a second floor then I would highly suggest looking into pre-fabricated steel trusses. They can really cut the build time in half and they take a ton of the guess work out of building a kit from scratch. It’s the in-between type of pole barn kit. If you are on the edge about building a kit or working on it from scratch I would definitely consider contacting some companies to see what they can offer, you will be surprised at what they can offer to stay within your budget saving you valuable time.


  • Pride of building your own kit
  • Quality assurance because you built it
  • Least costly method


  • Code compliance is on you
  • Multiple trips to the lumber/hardware store
  • Planning intensive

Free Plans

To help with the building process I have provided some Free Plans on this site to help give you an idea on what to build as well as a couple paid options if you need more detailed plans.



SketchUpI would also recommend looking into Sketchup, it is a program that offers you the ability to look at a 3d model of what you are planning on building. If you are anything like me, I really benefit from getting my eyes on exactly what I am building so I can visualize my steps as I go through them. Feddie over at Redneck DIY has a SketchUp model of a kit that he built, he has one of the most detailed videos I have seen online on how to build a kit from scratch. I have them listed below and recommend watching all of them if you are serious about building a barn from scratch. The last video explains what he would do different and what to avoid.

If you know what type of building method you are going with then it is time for Step 3: Find a Company. If you want more info on building a kit from scratch, check out the videos below.


<<Step 1:Barn Style & Type<<———->>Step 3: Find a Company>> 



Feddie From Redneck DIY has a very detailed video series on how to build a pole barn. Leave him some feedback if you appreciate the detailed info as much as I do.


<<Step 1:Barn Style & Type<<———->>Step 3: Find a Company>>