Pole Barn Styles and Types

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Step 1: Choose Roof Style & Pole Barn Type


Pole Barn Roof Styles

Selecting the type of roof comes down to a combination of looks and usability. The roof will dictate the amount of room and additional space while providing a look that flows with your property.

Monitor Roof

The monitor style pole barn was initially created to store hay above the main portion of the barn and allow extra height to pull equipment through. Horse stalls are usually located on either side of the middle aisle way,  using the interior poles as dividers for stall spacing.

These barns have slowly transitioned into multi-use facilities that have unlimited uses and potential. The monitor style barn is popular for using the loft (hay storage) as an extra room above the barn with windows along each side, providing plenty of natural lighting. Instead of stalls on either side of the barn, they can be used for equipment storage or even both.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel style pole barns tend to run a little more expensive than other styles but from the pictures above you can see why they can be well worth the extra money. These types of barns add more visual appeal to a property and have massive amounts of extra room on the top floor. This style barn utilizes the space in the ceiling more efficiently combined with a unique appearance.



Gable Roof

The gable style pole barns is the most popular design because of its affordability and simple design. The simple design makes it a great choice for the do it yourself builder because many of the kits come with pre-fabricated trusses. The trusses are basically, the skeleton of the roof that is placed on top of the walls. The gable roof design is the most affordable and simple pole barn to build.

Pole Barn Types

Now that you have seen what styles are available and have one in mind, you can start looking into the types of barns available. The list below should give you a good idea on what is available out there and keep in mind you can always request a custom kit from many of the companies listed. Living quarters are a very common addition to a pole barn, these details can be worked in while discussing options with the pole barn companies.


Agricultural pole barn kits are great for a farm but can be used in any application you see fit. Remember these types of barns can be combined with features from other types to meet specific needs.

Types include: equipment storage, work shop, horse barn, horse arenas, animal housing, and roof only kits.




Residential pole barn kits can have some of the same uses as an agricultural building. These types of structures are usually detached garages, workshops, extra living space, carports, and toy storage such as RVs, boats, or recreational vehicles. There is also a trend of residential housing being used for primary residence.



Commercial pole barn kits are cost effective structures that serve all sorts of needs while establishing a neat and professional look to any business or organization. They can be used for warehouses, equipment storage, churches, and even airplane hangars.



After deciding on the type of pole barn kit and the style of roof, you can move on to STEP 2: Building Methods and decide how your kit will be built.


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