Why American Pole Barn Kits?

American Pole Barn Kits was created for anyone interested in purchasing a pole barn kit to either build themselves or have a professional complete it for them. The goal is for American Pole Barn Kits to be the first step to your kit purchase, providing you with as much information as possible before you make your final decision. I encourage any questions or comments and look forward to providing a valuable resource.

About me, my name is Dennis Comstock and have been working on this site for over a year trying to gather as much information in one spot as I possibly can. I started my interest in pole barns when I helped a friend of mine build his and was amazed at the ease of building the structure, it turned out great. I framed houses in Florida for about 5 years and really appreciated the structural integrity of pole barns and just how much easier they were to construct. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pole barns, you can add rooms, and make them bigger by adding awnings to the exterior. Don’t get me started, I could go on for days.

This gives you a little info about me, let me know if you have any questions.

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