10 tips to save time and money on your pole barn kit

  1. Establish a budget – Have a budget made before you start calling for quotes. This will give the manufacturer an idea of what type of pole barn kit that will be best suitable within your price range.
  2. Call your building department – Talk with your local building department before doing anything else, this will give you have an idea of any requirements that may hinder your building plan.
  3. Decide on tasks – Decide on which tasks you feel comfortable tackling and which ones you want to hire out.
  4. Call around – Call as many different companies as possible to get the best deal. Identify what you need before hand to ensure they meet your needs.
  5. Identify your location – Choose a site where you want your pole barn kit to be built. Consider the slope, obstructions around the site, and if water runoff will be an issue.
  6. Check the route – consider the route that will be taken by the truck dropping off your pole barn kit. Will the truck be able to maneuver within the confines of the site and be able to enter and exit the area?
  7. Consider the extras – Think about the things that you might want to be added to your pole barn kit down the road. It might be easier to design a pole barn kit to support a 12 door now than remove a smaller door and replace later.
  8. Use money saving materials – Look into money saving materials, telephone poles can be used in place of fresh cut poles. They will withstand the test of time and have great load bearing capability. Always ask the seller if this is a valid option.
  9. Build in sections – Building your kit in sections can prolong the expense making it more affordable up front. Build the loft after you build the main body of the pole barn kit.
  10. Think ahead – If you build the kit yourself, try and plan the poles to be 8’ apart to have the sheet line up making exterior finishing quicker and more efficient. Using pre-made metal trusses can provide slots for purlins that will also make life easier when building.

I will keep you posted with more tips as soon as possible. Doing your research now is a big part in saving yourself time and money down the road. You are already on the right track to making a smart informative decision by looking through this amazing site!